Friday, July 15, 2011

Ginger Roger's Centenary!

Alright so tomorrow is in IMO an AMAZING DAY! Ginger Rogers would be ONE HUNDRED! In case you didn't know, Ginger Rogers is my favorite actress of all time, and I have been able to watch all of her movies except for Hat Check Girl which unfortunately cannot be found :(

 Now if you're interested in information on Ginger's centennial, activities that are going on, videos, pictures, articles and quotes, keep reading, there are lots in all these links!

So lately I have been going crazy sharing my large collection of pictures on my Ginger Page and Tumblr! Check out my latest posts, if you're looking for some cool Ginger pics, videos, and quotes!

Here are some video links too:

Happy 100th Birthday Ginger!
100 Years of Ginger Rogers
Ginger Rogers-New Soul (100th birthday tribute)

Collecting pictures finding articles and all sorts of things, it's all getting really exciting, let's make a huge deal out of this people, she deserves more recognition for years and years of hard work!

And if you want check out some cool articles and blog posts:
Remembering Ginger Rogers on Her Centennial
Local photographer celebrates Ginger Rogers centennial with exhibit
Centennial Tributes: Ginger Rogers
Ginger Rogers Centennial
How Could We Forget Ginger Rogers?
Ginger Rogers
Happy 100th Birthday, Ginger Rogers!
Ginger Rogers-A Pictorial
Ginger Rogers Centenary Birthday Tribute
Ginger Rogers at 100

Also, check out  Silver Screem Dream 
For  her birthday celebration schedule!

Movie watching:

If you're looking for Ginger movies to watch here is a Youtube channel that has uploaded some great ones!

Here is a poem that Rolland G. Smith wrote about Ginger:
April 25th, 1995

Ginger Rogers Poem
Viewpoint by
Rolland G. Smith (4/25/95)
Some thoughts today on Ginger Rogers. I met her a few weeks ago when she was honored by the Women’s International Center here in San Diego.
I was impressed by her spirit, as she sat in her wheel chair and I wrote the following poem:
“She lives now in a wheelchair
aged by grace and not despair
She once was light in song and dance
though now her steps are dream nuance
She knows she is different now,
yet mind remembers every bow,
with wishes and abandoned hope
tucked within mind envelop
that once held honors for the pair
when she danced with Fred Astair.
We all go through this change in time,
with added years above our prime.
I cannot leave you in this tale
for you to think her spirit frail.
Ginger’s heart is young and agile
though her body seems now fragile.
Her inner light is in control,
patient waiting for bell to toll
the numbered days for time’s release
when all the pain will finally cease.
It was a pleasure once again,
to honor her long lasting reign
as queen of dance and radiance.
I’ll always be her audience."

And in conclusion of this blog post I would just like to say...



Friday, July 8, 2011


So here is a video I made last year Ginger, Judy, Audrey and Grace-Just Haven't Met You Yet a tribute to Ginger Rogers, Judy Garland, Audrey Hepburn and Grace Kelly. With the song Just Haven't Met You Yet by Michael Buble. Hope you all like it! There ARE video clips after the pictures at the beginning :D

Please tell me what you thought and I  hope you all have an amazing weekend! New poll and post coming up soon! Don't forget to like this blog on Facebook for updates and stuff! Thanks everyone :)