Thursday, November 15, 2012

Old Hollywood 30 Day Challenge

Hey everyone! So I recently started this 30 day Challenge on Tumblr and I thought I would post it on here as well :)

First of all, here are the questions I'll be answering:

30 Day Old Hollywood Meme

Day 01- Four films you’d pick as the TCM Guest Programmer
Day 02- Film that got you interested in Old Hollywood
Day 03- Favorite Actor
Day 04- Favorite Actress
Day 05- Actor or Actress you think is underrated
Day 06- Favorite movie from your favorite Actor
Day 07- Favorite movie from your favorite Actress
Day 08- Favorite Old Hollywood couple
Day 09- Old Hollywood stars you wish had worked together
Day 10- Favorite movie
Day 11- Team Bette or Team Joan
Day 12- Favorite Barrymore
Day 13- Classic movie you just couldn’t get into
Day 14- A legend everyone appreciates, but you can’t personally stand
Day 15- An Actor or Actress you’ve been meaning to give a chance, but haven’t gotten around to it yet
Day 16- Favorite director
Day 17- Favorite line from a film
Day 18- Actor or Actress who should have won an Oscar
Day 19- Who’d you like to party it up with in the afterlife
Day 20- Favorite Silent film star
Day 21- Old Hollywood couple you’d watch a sex tape of
Day 22- If you could go back in time and trade places with an Old Hollywood star, who would it be
Day 23- A film you think is underrated
Day 24- Favorite film from Hollywood’s greatest year, 1939
Day 25- Which character from a film do you fantasize about being
Day 26- Which unsolved scandal would you most like the answer to
Day 27- Who’s death hit you the hardest and why
Day 28- A movie you never expected yourself to enjoy
Day 29- Who’s private lifestyle shocked you the most
Day 30- Which 5 Old Hollywood stars would you invite to dinner

And here are the ones I have answered so far:

 Day 01- Four films you’d pick as the TCM Guest Programmer


Day 02- Film that got you interested in Old Hollywood

Holiday Inn! Not only did it make me fall in in love with classic movies but it led to me falling in love with Fred and Ginger, because although I didn’t like the character Freddy was playing in this movie I later on watched Shall We Dance because I thought he was a good dancer.

Day 03- Favorite Actor

Probably Fred Astaire, but William Powell is very close to being tied with him :D

 Hope you all have a great day!

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