Tuesday, October 4, 2011

VIntage fashion pictures!

Vintage fashion pictures has won the poll of "What Do You Want to See More of?"

So this entire post will be vintage fashion pictures!
 I absolutely love vintage fashion, I have found many websites where they have amazing vintage stuff,  and I started a collection in a folder, I had WAY more but I got a virus on my computer and lost it all :/

Now most of the ones I am going to post today I just found on Google search, but one of the pictures I found on Google search came from this blog:
Couture Allure Vintage Fashion It's AMAZING! (I don't know the eras that all of these are from so on  most I am just guessing :P haha)

                                                                    Gorgeous dress!!

Gosh, I love this!
                                                                   Soo beautiful!
                                                             Beautiful! It looks so Audrey Hepburn....
                                                          1920's, love this dress soooo much!
                                                                another gorgeous 50s dress
Awesome shoes!
 Love the bows!

                                             Oh how I would love to get my hands on this book!
                                                                      So elegant
                                 50's! My favorite is the blue polka dot one, how about you?

 These awesome dresses I found at this store on Etsy: FabGabs Vintage Clothes

                                   I think the green is my favorite of these last ones.

                                      Have a great day everyone! Anna =)

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