Friday, October 29, 2010

1940's movie?

What is your favorite movie from the 40's?


  1.'s too hard to choose! I love Rebecca, or really any Hitchcock movie, Brief Encounter, Casablanca, anything with Fred Astaire, and so many more!

  2. Well, 'Kitty' was in 1940, which is 'technically' the last year of the 30's (yes I'm a dweeb) - but, to be 'fair' or whatever, I'll break it down into 'Ginger Movie' and 'Non-Ginger Movie'... BOTH are from 1942... Fav 40's Ginger Movie is...Roxie Hart! Yeah, I know 'Major and the Minor' and 'Tom, Dick and Harry' are there, among others, but Roxie is just very cool to me...
    as for 'non-Ginger', hard to go against 'Casablanca'... it pretty much lives up to the hype, IMHO... easy to find faults with it, but overall is a very cool movie. There are gobs more to be sure, but... there's the ones I thought of first.

    Thanks, Anna!


  3. Nearly an impossible question...easier one MIGHT be "What is your favorite movie from each year of the 1940's?"

    I MIGHT be able to pick a favorite from each year, but trying to choose just one from a decade of fabulous films is nearly impossible.

    SO, I'm going to go with two...Casablanca and Now, Voyager. I CAN'T limit more than that.


  4. Niamhy: It is hard huh? I love Hitchcock! He was BRILLIANT :D Nice choice, yeah Fred Astaire is awesome. I especially love Holiday Inn :D

    Huey: Nice choices! Yeah Roxie Hart is awesome, love that movie to death! Hehe Casablanca I also love. Very well acted out etc. There were many awesome classics in the 40's.

    Patti: Hahaha yeah I know exactly what you mean. Next question will be a lot easier, don't worry :D Hehe Love those moives, very nice choices. They are both amazing, and Bette Davis does an awesome job in that one!


  5. Holiday Inn is awesome! I can't even choose a favourite Astaire!

  6. "Since You Went Away" is probably one of my faves.

  7. I would pick Notorious, although it's a tough decision. My full top ten list for the 1940s is on my blog here: