Thursday, December 23, 2010


Casablanca won! :D

Here is the link to a video I made yesterday :D
it's a Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers tribute, from the musicals they made in the 1930's :D

And now, which are your favorite Fred and Ginger movies?


  1. Well, kinda tough to beat Ol' Bogie , I reckon... although Kitty is my vote over anything else, obviously...
    BTW... I am posting a '70th Anniversary' of Kitty's initial release, on Monday 12/27... it may be the most EPIC post G-ology has ever seen... well, maybe in the top 10, anyway...

    Fave GandF... ultimately, 'Swing Time', for the pinnacle of their dancing pyrotechnics... but, a nod to 'Carefree' for 'maximum Gingery goodness'... I am also a big 'Shall we Dance' fan, for the most 'comical' of the series...

    Thanks for the link! I will check it out ASAP!!!

    Hopw you had an awesome Christmas / holiday, Anna!!!


  2. Most definitely! I saw that post, it was awesome :D Those pictures were amazing, and that movie is amazing! haha :D

    yeah most definitely, I think Swing Time includes some of their greatest dances! But as far as plots go, I think my fave is Roberta :D

    Shall We Dance is the FIRST Ginger movie I ever saw :D Love it to death! And Carefree is awesome too!

    You're welcome, and I hope you like it :D

    Thanks so much! To you too, and Happy New Year! :D


  3. Love your blog, so great. The polls are fun, the layout great, and I've gotten to know a few actors/actresses that I didn't before :-)

  4. I'm glad! Yup polls are awesome :D
    Now that, is wonderful! Which are some of your faves?