Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Video contest and other things

Ok so first of all, I did a video contest, and I just decided on the winners.
And as one of the prizes, I said I would share the first place video on my blog. So here it is! Absolutely stunning video!

Sabrina & Linus ~ Bogart & Hepburn by: RebekahGoehring

And if you want to watch the other entries here is the link to the contest video, and all the entries are posted as video responses.

And now for the poll results:

 Which of these classic comedies is your favorite?

1st place: Vivacious Lady

2nd: Philadelphia Story

and  all the others voted on were tied.

New poll:

Which is your favorite Alfred Hitchcock mystery/thriller?



















P.S Has anyone seen a movie called Sorry, Wrong Number with Barbara Stanwyck? If so, is it good?



  1. Yes, I've seen "Sorry, Wrong Number." Seen it a few times. Yes, very good!!! Not quite the ending I expected!

    I voted in the poll, though I must admit, my all-time favorite Hitch movie is "I Confess", probaby followed by "The Wrong Man," "North by Northwest," "Strangers on a Train," and "Suspicion." So I just chose my favorite that was on your list.

  2. Great! :D

    Awesome :D Thanks for voting!