Monday, June 13, 2011


This Sunday was my birthday. I wanted to share these special gifts I got with you guys, I love them! I got a twenty Alfred Hitchcock movies collection(It only cost 4 bucks, can you believe it? :O Such a great deal!)
Then my cousin either printed out or developed a picture of Ginger Rogers for me! And without her even knowing Ginger's favorite color was pink, she put a pink frame! Haha I was pleasantly surprised :D

Have a great day everyone!



  1. ..first of all, HAPPY BIRTHDAY, Anna!!! :-] hope ya got a lot of cool stuff...well, heck, I KNOW ya got some cool stuff just checking this out! Belivev it or not, I have that Hitchcock collection...honestly haven't watched any yet... need to, tho...lots of his earlier ones, but the second half are all ones I've heard of, so heck, great deal!
    ...and as for the VKM pic... that one is GREAT! haven't seen that particular one from the 'beret' set... I would LOVE to find an old photo collector who has the entire set of one of her gazillion photo shoots, and have ALL the shots, even ones not the 'best'... but yes, I have decided I need more Ginger on my walls...I have one 'blown-up' pic of her, the one where she is seated with the artist's palette and brushes strewn across the floor, with a somewhat forlorn, yet awesome, look...just one of my faves.

    Happy Birthday again, Anna! I have one on 6/30... maybe some Gingerbilia will appear...


  2. Happy Birthday Tom!! I do believe you.. I also have the twenty Alfred Hitchcock movies collection for what I think... maybe $5.00.

  3. VKMfan:THANK YOU! OH yeah you should, I have already watched some, it's an AMAZING collection!
    Isn't it awesome? I love that photo shoot! She looks great! I know exactly which picture you mean, it's an awesome one too :D
    Really? Well happy early birthday to you!

    Dawn: Well, thank you very much, but this is actually Anna :) hehe Really? That's great! :D