Sunday, June 5, 2011

Pictures, pictures! ;D

 Some of my favorite pictures <3 Enjoy!

                                                                   Paul Newman

Fred Astaire
James Stewart and Rosalind Russel

                                                                Gene Kelly Judy Garland
       (Can't identify these but I just love this picture! Any information on who they are would be most helpful :D)
                                                     Barbara Stanwyck and Gary Cooper
                                                               Tony Curtis
                          (from left to right) Irving Berlin, Judy Garland and Fred Astaire
                                                               Debbie Reynolds

So there is now a new poll which movie do you think deserved an Oscar?

Dark Victory
                                                                     North by Northwest
                                                                  King Kong
                                                    The Third Man
                                                                A Star is Born


  1. Oh, Tony Curtis is just delicious in that photo!

  2. Great pics, Anna! I voted for Dark Victory...but honestly haven't seen 'The Third Man', so it's an 'incomplete' vote...but it's kinda hard to go against BD...although I guess 'Star' is one of Judy's best roles, too...

    ok - well, thanks for the great stuff - AND...really dig the 'blog header pic' now... Fred ready to mow 'em down! :-]

    KIG, Anna!!!